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i promise

Oh man this person is in over their head.

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coz he wants to play by himself x

Joaquin: Cristina, I’m sorry about Alex. She’s only like that with you.
Chichay: It’s okay. We should actually be thanking her, because of her I was able to meet you… and I also got a job.
Joaquin: Even if I didn’t choose you [for the job], someone else would anyway. Because you’re not just a very talented person. You’re also very… very… likeable.
Chichay: Excuse me.
Joaquin: Likeable, ryan. Really? Likeable. You should have stopped at talented. What are you…


DJ’s reaction to papa Bernardo’s approval gratitude ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

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yung okay na yung theme tas pagkatingin mo sumusunod yung background pagscroll down…..

YeNiel (Ate Ship)

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His cute face plus his so kulit pose plus the eyeglasses equals perfection *.*