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Happy Birthday, Ms. Kumander. No words can describe how proud I am /and everyone else esp DJ/ of you. Even through all of your problems you were still able to smile which makes me really happy. I wish you all the best and please please please stay the same. You’re already perfect so you don’t need to change anything. Continue on being an inspiration. God knows how much you’ve inspired me. Pinasmile mo talaga ako at kaming lahat. Stay gorgeous. "I love you" /wink wonk/

FILLED UNDER: kathryn bernardo;  happy 18th birthday kathryn;  i love you so much;  pLS NEVER CHANGE;  I CANT ACCEPT THAT YOUR 18;  BBY GIRL IS ALL GROWN UP;  NOOOOOOOOO;  biaskath;  sabi sa inyo gagawa ako ng graphic;  its so pink and yello;  and so low koala-tee;  look at my queen still looking gorgeous in 260hp;  kb18;  

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